Step by Step Bagels Recipe

Do you like bagels or Beigels? Because we assume that by now you know that you are a salty biscuits shaped donut. If you do not know them already, it is time, and here we are willing to teach them.

bagels recipe

To decorate these bagels, probably of Polish-Jewish origin, we have used poppy seeds, fennel seeds and sesame seeds, but we leave it to your liking. Anyway, below you will find complete recipe.

bagels recipe
bagels recipe

Step by Step Bagels Recipe

By Jenna F.  

June 10, 2017

Do you like bagels or Bagels? Because we assume that by now you know that you are a salty biscuits shaped donut. If you do not know them already, it is time, and here we are willing to teach them.

  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Cook: 40 mins


For poolish:

80 g of high strength flour

145 g of warm water

One gram of fresh yeast

For Bagels:

225 g poolish

5 g fresh yeast

125 ml of warm water

450 g of high strength flour

14 g of salt

One and a half spoonfuls of black molasses

Sesame, poppy seeds and fennel seeds


For poolish:

1We pour the flour with the yeast and water in a bowl. Mix well until having a homogeneous, but liquid mass.

2Cover with film paper, let ferment for five hours at room temperature and store in the refrigerator for at least eight hours.

For Bagels:

1We take the poolish from the refrigerator and weigh the amount we need. We let templar about an hour.

2In a bowl pour the water, black molasses and salt, and mix until everything has been diluted.

3In a large bowl we mix the flour with the yeast, the poolish, and the water of molasses and salt. We knead until all the ingredients are united. It can be done in a kitchen robot at medium speed, but it is a fairly hard dough and you will need a machine with power.

4We work until obtaining a homogeneous mass, smooth and that when making a small ball and to extend it can form a translucid membrane without that it breaks (test of the membrane). At this point you can either form the bagels or store the dough in the refrigerator and leave it to stand overnight. In this way the quality and taste will increase and the next day we can continue with the next step.

5Let the dough rest 20 minutes in a bowl covered with a cloth .

6Divided the dough into pieces of about 70 grams, boleamos them, covered with a cloth or a paper film, and let them stand five minutes.

7We make a hole in each ball by inserting a finger in the center and with the other hand we turn the mass to stretch it and go forming a ring.

8Introduce a ring of dough in each bagel mold and let ferment until they have grown almost three quarters of their original volume; Between an hour and a half, and two hours.

9We heat the oven to 250┬║ C. and we boil a big and high casserole with water. We lower the fire and let it boil very gently.

10We put the bagels with their respective molds in the water for 30 seconds, we take them out and let them drain all the excess water.

11Sprinkle with poppy , fennel and sesame seeds to taste and bake them immediately for 10 or 13 minutes.

12We take them out of the oven and let them rest until they are warm.

13Now we just have to enjoy these rich bagels . And for that we have served a little cream cheese and smoked salmon ... And for my taste do not miss a bowl with capers! So everyone will fill the bagels to their liking.

- If we decide to save the dough in the refrigerator to improve its taste it is advisable to take it out half an hour before it is tempered before starting to form it.

- The water to boil the bagels should completely cover the bagels once fermented. Submerge the mold and release it so that it only rises to the surface.

- To decorate you can use sesame seeds, nigella seeds, sunflower seeds, fennel seeds, fried onions, fried garlic or fatty salt . We have mixed black and white sesame, but you are free to choose the decoration to your liking.

- Experts recommend using high strength flour to promote the chewy texture that must have these delicious breads.

- The black molasses can be replaced by honey in the same proportions.

- Remember that the fermentation time will vary depending on the ambient temperature.


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