Frozen Mango Mousse Cake Complete Recipe

How this summer is treating you? I’m actually enjoying it, especially since I just ate this rich frozen mango mousse cake. Yes, I know, I’m a glutton and I have no choice. I assure you that when you do it, the same thing will happen to you.

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I have just shared this recipe here, but with a few small changes to not have to start the oven. As simple as making a cookie base with macadamia nuts , sugar and butter, topped with a mango mousse.

We recommend serving it with a very cold pitcher of lemonade at the time of the snack or with a refreshing cup of milk for a summer breakfast as we have done.

mango mousse recipe
mango mousse recipe

Frozen Mango Mousse Cake Complete Recipe

By Jenna F.  

July 8, 2017

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 4 Servings


For the mango mousse:

60 ml of orange juice

10 g of gelatin powder

450 g mango puree

90 g of sugar

3 tablespoons lemon juice

250 ml fresh cream

60 g of icing sugar

For the cookie base and macadamia nuts:

30 g toasted and crushed macadamia nuts

85 g powdered Mary crackers

3 spoonfuls of sugar

60 g of melted butter


1To make the mousse, mix the orange juice with the powdered gelatin in a jar and let stand for about five minutes. Heat the preparation in the microwave, no more than 12 seconds.

2In a bowl pour the mashed mango, the sugar and the lemon juice, and mix with rods until the sugar has dissolved.

mango mousse recipe 1

3Slowly pour the gelatin over the mango puree while mixing with rods.

4Put the cream with the icing sugar and mix it enveloping with the mango puree, using a spatula . We recommend that you first mix one-third of the cream and then continue with the rest.

mango mousse recipe 3

5Fill the mold, previously greased with walnut oil or non-stick spray, with the preparation leaving a centimeter or so, cover with film paper and freeze for two hours. You will have some of the mousse , save it in the fridge and eat it whenever you want.

6To make the base of cookies and macadamia nuts we mix the cookies with the macadamia nuts, the sugar and the butter, we take the mold from the freezer and we finish filling up to the edges pressing a little with a spoon. We refreeze for eight hours.

mango mousse recipe 4

7Remove the cake from the freezer, turn it over the cake stand and rub the mold with a cloth moistened with hot water, you can also pour some warm water into the mold cavity. We remove the mold carefully when we see that the walls have taken off.

8Decorate with a couple of mango pieces and mint leaves, and serve immediately.

mango mousse recipe 5


This ice cream cake mango mousse is very easy and quick to make, and can replace the handle for any seasonal fruits, without forgetting that both pineapple and kiwi and papaya have to be cooked before adding the gelatin … Keep enjoying the summer!


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