Hello, thank you for dedicating a little of your time to these lines, my name is Jenna and my passion for cooking has led me to create this space to share ideas, experiences, knowledge, adventures, misadventures and successes related to this wonderful world.

Like many who are reading this blog, I discovered that making cakes and being tucked between flour, sugar, butter, molds and oven gives me great pleasure and although it has been a long time now I plan to spend more time and give it Greater prominence.

In my life I have done many things; By profession are Food Technologist and Bachelor of Business Administration, although I have worked in food companies, my experience closer to the bakery was always linked to my mother, who I consider to elaborate the most exquisite typical sweets of Venezuelan cuisine, and although At one time allowed her to help economically at home, for her to never make sweets (or when she sold them) was hard work but an immense satisfaction still at her 75 years ago the most smooth, spongy and delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted, all with A dedication that only she could give him, following every step of his recipes which are only pointed in his head, with a respect and a mastery that I have never seen any teacher I have had in these arts.

My passion for desserts has led me to investigate, read, study and go gradually introducing myself on a journey with no return, so far I have more doubts than answers, but failures that succeed and more ignorance than knowledge but all accompanied with a lot of desire To learn, to move forward and to share with you.